Housing At Rosemont


Residence Halls

Kaul Hall

Kaul Hall is the primary residence hall for first-year students as well as some transfer students. The building is co-ed by floor/wing with gender specific bathrooms. Our Academic Explorations Program and First- year Resource Center is housed here. Kaul is a substance free residence hall (dry) alcohol is prohibited for all students regardless of age.

Heffernan Hall

Traditional double and single rooms are available as well as enclosed lounges for quiet group or individual study. Bathrooms are communal style and gender specific. Sophomores, juniors, some transfers and many seniors live here.

Connelly Hall

Connelly Hall provides suite style living with private bathrooms. The building features air conditioning and a common area with kitchen. All students residing in Connelly Hall must have 45 credits and a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Mayfield Hall

Mayfield Hall is housing for our Graduate students and select upperclassman. It allows for a more independent living environment.

Undergraduate students must have 75 credits and a 2.75 GPA. Suite-singles are offered for seniors only and are rooms adjoined to another single via a shared sink room. Super Singles are available for graduate students only and are 2 rooms adjoined by a sink room. The bathrooms are communal style and gender specific.

Gracemere Honors House

This is our Living Learning Community (LLC) that supports the Honors program, providing students with a number of opportunities to participate in academic and social activities. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, 30 credits and be in good judicial standing. Any qualified student may request to live in Gracemere, but priority is given to students in the Honors program.

Returning Students

By participating in Housing Selection Day returning students have the opportunity to choose where they would like to live. Returning Students reside in Connelly Hall and Heffernan Hall, Mayfield Hall, and Gracemere Honors House.

Transfer Students

First-year transfer students are typically placed in Heffernan Hall with either other transfers or new students.

Graduate Students

All graduate students are housed in a designated area of Mayfield Hall. Graduate Housing is limited and only super singles are available. The floor is co-ed with gender specific communal bathrooms.

Housing Selection

What is Housing Selection?

Housing Selection is a time where returning students are allowed to select where they would like to live the following year. Students are assigned a housing selection number based on their class status (number of credits and GPA).

What is Housing Selection Day?

It is the day in which you come and pick your room! You and your preferred roommate/suitemates/sinkmates are to use the best Housing Selection Number designated to one of you and select a place to live. Housing selection takes place at Global Classroom at the appointment time assigned. At your appointment time, you choose the room you want to live; it’s that simple!

Summer Housing

Summer Housing occurs during summer session 1. Only students who are registered for summer session one can live on campus.

Room Changes

Open room change occurs two weeks from the start of classes. During room switch week.

Dorm Room

Housing Rates

Undergraduate 2014-2015 Housing Rates (per semester):


Undergraduate Double Room/Board - $ 6700 per semester

Standard Single: Heffernan, Connelly and Mayfield - $7635 per semester

Mayfield undergraduate suite single - $ 7440(Two rooms adjoined by a sink room)

Graduate/PostBacc Singles - $8190

Cancellation Fee - $75.00 after July 15 (Fall) & December 15 (Spring)