Main Objective

To ensure a quality living/learning environment


  • Serve as a liaison to various departments in an effort to ensure safety and comfortable facilities
  • Ensure that residence hall policies and procedures are understood and enforced in order to maintain a safe and respectful community
  • Educate residents on potential barriers to academic success (i.e. alcohol and drug use)

To connect students within the residential, campus, and larger communities


  • Provide programs and services that will allow students to interact and become involved within the residential community
  • Increase opportunities to connect to campus and off-campus communities by keeping students informed of resources, programs and services, and by drawing upon the larger community in hall programming efforts
  • Mediate and assist in the resolution of student conflicts
  • Serve as a resource to students with various needs and/or issues and guide them to the appropriate campus/off-campus resources

To recognize the individuality and contributions of each resident student to the Rosemont Community


  • Seek to listen, respect, and understand the perspective of the individual resident
  • Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate diversity and foster an environment of respect within the halls
  • Empower men and women to take a leadership role within the halls
  • Honor residents for their contribution to the community by maintaining informal connections