About Campus Ministry

As a Catholic institution guided by the principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College is dedicated to developing the faith and spiritual lives of all students during their transformative college years. All programs concentrate specifically on members of the community and their particular needs. Programming stems from the belief that faith and spirituality should be an integral part of daily living. This includes opportunities to gather in small group settings, individual mentoring and larger group meetings. These opportunities allow students to explore their own faith, ask meaningful questions and nurture their relationships (especially with God.)

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Cultivating a healthy spirituality requires that we set aside sacred time to listen to God's Holy Spirit and encounter the living Lord in prayer. The religious and spiritual growth of all members of the Rosemont College Community is supported and nurtured by the Campus Ministry staff. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for members of the College to expand on their own personal religious, spiritual and prayer lives.

Ways to Get Involved

Bible Study

Join one our of Bible Study groups to embrace God's Word and see how that Word is active in the world today. We would love for you to come and share your perspective on the weekly biblical readings. The teachings of Christ can have special meaning for the hectic lives of a college student so come and learn, share, and reflect with others seeking to more fully understand God.  These groups are informal and open to everybody! 

Faith-Sharing Groups

At Rosemont, we believe growing spiritually is as important as growing intellectually and socially.  Questions about who God is, what is my relationship with Him like, and what are my beliefs about the right and wrong way to live my life are important and valuable in growing as a community and as an individual, no matter my religious affiliation or inclination.  All students are invited to participate in one of our faith-sharing groups to gather as peers and share and reflect together on our sense of faith, spirituality, and morality.      


Retreats allow students to spend a weekend in prayer and reflection with other students in the Rosemont College Community. These retreats are held once a semester in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Retreats are planned by the Campus Ministry Staff in conjunction with student leaders and offer a wide range of topics and activities. While retreats come from a spirituality derived from our Catholic heritage, students of all faith backgrounds can find these experiences stimulating and rewarding. 

Busy-Person's Retreat

This retreat is perfect for the person who is usually "too busy" for retreats. Typically, it only consists of an hour a day, and a daily meeting with a spiritual director who will guide you throughout the week. This is a wonderful time to make room for God in your busy life!  For more information, contact the Office of Campus Ministry. 


Upcoming Events

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