Cornelian Service Corps


Rosemont College values…persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion.”

rosemont college mission statement

Mission Statement

Rooted in the mission of Rosemont College, the Cornelian Service Corps, a part of the Office of Campus Ministry, offers opportunities and provides resources for members of the college community to engage in meaningful service.

As participants in the legacy of Cornelia Connelly and the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, the CSC challenges the college community to a “love full of action,” inclusive of all and courageous in promoting social justice.

The CSC will educate the community on issues of justice, coordinate service initiatives, and provide reflective opportunities, ensuring that compassion and action are integral to the Rosemont experience.

Welcome to the Cornelian Service Corps, the center for service and social justice at Rosemont! 

We firmly believe that service by itself is not enough – that we must always be engaged in learning about the issues that plague those less fortunate than us so that we may strive towards social justice for all. Therefore, the Cornelian Service Corps hosts the Social Justice Series, events held throughout the year focus on different issues of injustice and examines the role we may have in combating them.


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