Saarah Hussain


A Modest, Musical Member of Maintenance - Commencement `Piper, Brian Fox

RoConnections - April 05, 2017

Every May, the Rosemont College community comes together to celebrate the commencement of students of the graduating class. For some, it is a long-awaited day, while for others it has arrived too fast. Regardless of which, the members of the college community cannot deny that the day itself is an exciting celebration from sunrise to sunset.

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coach corner

Coach's Corner

Margaret (Maggie) Miller ‘16 - April 05, 2017

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.” – Michael Phelps

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Rosemont Softball

Lora Zubrzycki, '18 - April 05, 2017

"We are Rosemont Softball, but this year we intend to leave it all out on the field every single game."

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life lessons

Life Lessons

Lynn Rothenhoefer - April 05, 2017

In contemplating the end of another academic year, I consider parting words especially for those students who come to end of this chapter in the journey of life having completed the requirements for their degree. It’s often a bitter sweet moment: with the “wanting to get out” and feel that sense of achievement, but despite the enthusiasm of the “let me at this big bad world” thoughts there are hesitations in the “don’t let it swallow me up” category.

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