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Warm. Personal. Heartfelt. Moving. Joyful.

RoConnections - April 11, 2017

Warm. Personal. Heartfelt. Moving. Joyful.   Commencement at Rosemont College has been described with these words since 1925 when the first two Rosemont graduates, Patricia Stevenson and Helen Blake, received their degrees in what we can only imagine was a very personal ceremony tailored just for them. 


When it comes to spirit and atmosphere, not much has changed in the ninety-two Commencement Ceremonies that have been celebrated since that first one.  A Rosemont Commencement remains a uniquely personal ceremony intentionally designed to be the capstone of an educational experience characterized by the POWER of small.  A sense of excitement still fills the campus when over 2,500 white guest chairs are placed in perfect rows on Connelly Green.  You can feel the frenetic and nervous energy of the soon-to-be-graduates as they line up for the ceremony.  Hearts pound as our bagpiper leads the procession across campus.  Photos are snapped as the first recognizable notes of Pomp and Circumstance are played.  Cheers go up as each and every graduate’s name is called by their Dean to be awarded their diploma by the President.  Phrases like “You did it!”, “I am so proud of you.”, “That’s my son!”, and “Way to go, Mom.” are quietly uttered or gleefully shouted by the beaming parents, children, and families of the graduates.  There are tears as Rosemont alumni help to confer degrees on their relatives, cementing a further bond that they now share.  Faculty, who sit on stage in full view of the graduates and their guests, are filled with pride as they watch those they have taught confidently enter the next stage of their lives. Whoops of joy drown out applause as tassels are moved from the left to the right, signifying that the future is now.


It is warm.  It is personal.  It is heartfelt.  It is moving.  It is joyful.  It is Commencement at Rosemont.  And so it will be again on May 13th, as the College celebrates for the ninety-forth time.