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Kaushik Dhanyamraju

Faith & My Internship

Kaushik Dhanyamraju - December 01, 2016

It all started on a cold November afternoon. I was all snuggled up in my bed, registering for classes to take for the Spring 2016 semester while resisting the urge to take another one of my lengthy afternoon naps. Suddenly, I found myself in what could be described as a tight situation: I only had 3 classes and a lab equating to 10 credits registered, which left me 2 credits short of eligibility for a full-time student status and for the NCAA, and the other required courses for my major in Accounting were not going to be offered in the spring. Suddenly, my inner Jimmy Neutron sprung to life and I had a brain blast; in this brain blast, my mind bellowed the one golden word that would solve my predicament: INTERNSHIP!

tags: academics, studentlife

Archana Ganta

How I Celebrate My Faith

Archana Ganta - November 29, 2016

As an Indian American, I struggled with balancing Indian culture and American culture. At home, our household was fully immersed in practicing and appreciating Indian culture and my family’s faith, Hinduism.

tags: studentlife

Nabiha Khan

How I Celebrate My Faith

Nabiha Khan - November 21, 2016

There are many ways in which I celebrate my faith. The most basic and fundamental ways in which I practice my religion are through the Five Pillars of Islam: prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, and belief.

tags: studentlife