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Five Tips For Staying Awake In Class

Madeline Polino - September 14, 2016

There are many reasons that students get tired all the time, but there are some things you should do to keep yourself awake during the most important part of the day. You could constantly feel like you are tired even if you are sleeping many hours or you could be tired from just being awake really late trying to get homework done!

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Kathleen McCarthy

Welcome to the Hill

Kathleen McCarthy '18 - September 09, 2016

Read Kathleen McCarthy's journal entries while she interned for Congressman Dave Trott from Michigan in Washington, D.C.

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Derrick in France

Derrick's Semester in France- Two Weeks

Derrick Cline - August 26, 2016

I’ve discovered which cafes are true cafes and which ones are the tourist traps. I find myself passing fanny-pack wearing, giant-map-toting, photograph-taking families thinking “silly tourists”, before realizing that I have only been here two weeks and the locals probably say the same thing about me!

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HippoCamp 2016

Marshall Warfield - August 13, 2016

HippoCamp 2016, the exciting creative nonfiction conference from Hippocampus Magazine is underway, and graduate students Anglina Horst, Nancy Kotkin, and Yalonda Rice recruit and inform like professionals.


HippoCamp 2016

Marshall Warfield - August 11, 2016

I hope to run into other alumni and current students from the publishing and creative writing programs throughout the weekend. But it’s not all shaking hands and talking about Rosemont College. I will be presenting a talk on strategies that creative nonfiction writers can steal from poets in order to craft better essays.

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