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How I Celebrate My Faith- Alumni Marygrace

Marygrace Urmson - December 07, 2016

I think this is the time of year that faith comes alive. There’s something in the air that reinvigorates the soul and prompts us to do more. For me, it is about giving back. My faith is definitely based on working with and for others. This is something that my mom instilled in me very early on and is still present in my life.

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Samson's Story

Samson Tesfamariam - December 02, 2016

This is what drove my focus. I was transformed from a D- student to one with an A+ average. I became the valedictorian and an example for others. A lot of kids liked me and started to study with me. Eight of us became close and became the best students in our classes. Not all of them were in my grade; some of them were seventh grade, but we still studied together. I would help them, but it was not easy.


La Cena Della Vigilia - I Sette Pesci (The Seven Fish)

Luca DiFranco - December 02, 2016

The Christmas eve dinner, known as “La Cena della Vigilia”, is a tradition that takes place in Italian-American households on, well, the eve of Christmas! It is a tradition that consists of two huge parts of Italian-American culture: family and food! Let me tell you a bit more about it.

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First Year Students Answer

Kerry Madden - December 02, 2016

The FYCS class of Kerry Madden's was asked "How Do You Celebrate Your Faith?" Read a section of their answers here.

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Winter Service Trip

Winter Service Trip

Kerry Madden - December 02, 2016

The Winter Service Trip to Scranton and Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania is somewhat of a homecoming for me. As an alumna of The University of Scranton, the Rosemont Service Immersion trip to this area with has been a way to marry two places that I love, to see the Rosemont and Scranton communities impact one another in such wonderful ways.

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