Mission & Service

Each year, one phrase from the Rosemont College mission statement is chosen as the "mission theme." Throughout the year, the mission theme is brought to life for the Rosemont community through events, scholarly pursuits, and other programming. The Alumni Office seeks to help graduates continue to draw purpose and inspiration from the Rosemont mission, and we are pleased to offer activities that focus on service to the community, lifelong learning, and spirituality.

2015-2016 Mission Theme: Trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person; diversity in human culture and experience; persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion.

Service has always been an important part of the Rosemont mission and experience. The spirit of service is not only exemplified in our current students, but also lives on in our alumni who continue to show dedication to the betterment of their communities. The Office of Alumni Relations works with the Alumni Board to offer several service opportunities each year for our graduates, including a Thanksgiving Food Drive and the annual Epiphany Party for students from the Providence Center in North Philadelphia. We also welcome suggestions for new programs, initiatives, and collaborations!