International Students

What is the application deadline?

Rosemont College has rolling admissions, which means there is no fixed application deadline. However, please note that the Office of Admissions strongly encourages you to apply as early as possible so that adequate time is given to obtain a student visa.

Is there an application fee for international students?

There is no application fee if you apply online. The fee for the paper application is waived for all international students.

Are scholarships available for international students?

Yes. Students are eligible for Rosemont College Merit Scholarships, which are based upon academic achievement. These scholarships range from $7,000-$19,000.

Is TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS required?

The TOEFL is required for all international students with two exceptions. If English is your first language then a TOEFL score is not required. If you meet one of the criteria for TOEFL exemption, please indicate your reason for not submitting a TOEFL score in your application. Students who do not take the TOEFL must take the SAT 1 exam.

What if the SATs are not offered in my country?

In some countries, such as China, the SAT is not offered. In such cases, Rosemont College will waive the SAT requirement. However, the TOEFL is still a required part of the admissions process.

Does Rosemont offer graduate degrees?

Yes, Rosemont College is comprised of three schools: The Undergraduate College, Professional Studies, and the Graduate College. Rosemont College offers undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a dual degree program, where they would begin to take graduate level courses their senior year. Rosemont College offers dual degree programs in the following fields:

  • Business - Master's of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Psychology - Master's in Professional or School Counseling (MA)
  • English - Masters in English & Publishing, English Literature (MA)
  • English - Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA)

What countries do Rosemont College students come from?

Rosemont students have hailed from all over the world including, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Japan, Ireland, Barbados, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Russia, Kenya, Macedonia, South Asian Republic, Ivory Coast, Poland and the Former Yugoslavia.

Is there an international student club?

Yes. With over 35 members, the International club welcomes students who have a passion for international education. The International Student Club seeks to increase cultural awareness amongst the Rosemont community by organizing speakers, field trips, and hosting the annual Multicultural Festival every spring.

Is there support for international students on campus?

Absolutely. The Office of Student Life will help you with all immigration and naturalization issues. Once enrolled at Rosemont, you will find that skilled members from the Office of Student Life will help familiarize you with campus and the surrounding area. The Office of Student Life also coordinates communication among international students at Rosemont and other nearby institutions, along with organizing receptions, festivals, and field trips into Philadelphia.

What is the institutional code for Rosemont College for the TOEFL and SAT exam?

The Rosemont school code for the TOEFL and SAT is 2763.

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