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RoCo Resource

Welcome to RoCo Resource-a parent guide designed to provide you with important information and connect you with the Rosemont community.  RoCo Resource includes articles and tips for everything like how-to prepare for Move-In Day, to what to do when your student is sick at school. You’ll learn about events on campus that include families and all the wonderful opportunities available to your student. 

RoCo Resource will be continually updated so bookmark this page and check back here for new tips and information. Our goal is to make you and your son or daughter feel right at home at Rosemont.

How To Get Involved || Know Mailbox Code || Support Rosemont Ravens || E-mail || Know Their Car || Mission & Ministry

get involved

Get Involved!

College isn’t just about going to class and getting one’s degree – there’s plenty to do in between classes and on the weekends. The Office of Leadership and Engagement aims to provide a safe, quality, and enjoyable environment for the students of Rosemont College. Students can even get text messages of when events are happening. 

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Know Mailbox Code 

Yes… “snail mail” still exists and your student should know their mailbox code. Whether it’s a care package from their parents/grandparents or something timely such as College paperwork, it’s important that students check their mailbox once or twice a week.




Support Ravens Athletics 

Show the Rosemont Pride! Whether their roommate is on the soccer team or a classmate plays basketball, there are always plenty of athletic events to attend on campus. Nothing beats a sunny day supporting the Ravens at the RAC (Raven Athletic Complex)! 

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Check Rosemont E-mail

Various offices throughout the College will send regular communications to the student body and at times, they will require a response. It is important early on that you encourage your student to check their email for messages from not only the College, but also professors and peers. E-mail links can be found under the "Quick Links" section at or

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Know Their Car 

Does your son or daughter plan on bringing a car to campus? If so it’s imperative they know the following: all cars that park regularly on campus must be registered with the Office of Public Safety. Drivers can obtain a permit for a minimal fee (which covers all four years), but they will need to provide vehicle info as well as proof of registration and insurance. Avoid accruing fines by parking in designated lots for student vehicles.

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Mission & Ministry 

Connecting with peers on an intellectual level is one thing, but connecting on a spiritual level is more wholesome than anything. The religious and spiritual growth of all members of the Rosemont College Community is supported and nurtured by the Campus Ministry staff. This Office offers a wide variety of opportunities for members of the College to expand on their own personal religious, spiritual, and prayer lives.

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