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Knowing another language is to know another culture and be able to communicate with a multitude of different people. Rosemont’s Spanish major provides students with the skills to communicate confidently in both a written and oral form.

All Spanish courses are taught in Spanish, creating effective Spanish speakers. Students will learn the history, arts, literature, and cultures in Spanish, and Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish department faculty who will carefully evaluate a students’ prior instruction determines course placement. Students who demonstrate a competence in a particular skill may omit one or more basic courses.

Students will be prepared for graduate study, specialized professional training, government careers, commercial, and international careers. All students are encouraged to study abroad during their junior year.

Academic Opportunities

Rosemont students are immersed in the language from day one with classes taught in Spanish. Students not only learn the language, but also the history, arts, literature, and all there is to know about Spanish speaking countries. For students that wish to teach or go into international business, there is specialized preparation for certification. 

Study Abroad Experience

Students majoring or minoring in Spanish are encouraged to study abroad. Rosemont College offers several short-term study abroad opportunities in the summer. Several classes also include short-term study abroad components. These components are typically ten-day trips during the fall and spring breaks. Students are able to spend a semester in Barcelona with CEA/Pompeo Fabra University located in Barcelona. To study abroad speak with your faculty advisor and Brig Bowe, Director of Post Graduate Success. 

Salamanca, Spain

Rosemont College Summer Program in Salamanca, Spain in coordination with Travel and Education. 
An opportunity to combine travel and intensive Spanish language practice in Salamanca, Spain. Students take classes according to their language abilities. Students experience the diverse cultural aspects of Spain.  A study of history, art, culture; as well as significant aspects of their current life and traditions. Participants attend important historic sites and take part in  other schedule activities while abroad.  Sophomores standing and above.  
For more information, contact: Professor Tatiana Ripoll-Paez  at
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Past Internships

  • Schools/Colleges
  • Government Agencies

  • Hospitality - Hotels, Tourist Attractions

  • Healthcare - Hospitals, Clinics

  • International Businesses