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A female student of color searching for a book in the library stacks

 The study of literature will forever be a part of the human experience teaching about the lives of others through their creative expression.

The English major here at Rosemont provides students with courses in creative, academic, and professional writing. Students will explore, integrate, and challenge key issues in literature, culture and contemporary society through their study of fiction, drama, poetry, essays, biographies, journals, diaries, and periodicals.

Students are able to choose to focus on literature, creative writing, business or technical writing. Students will be introduced to English, American, and World literature through historical surveys, close reading of texts, intensive pursuit of a single author or topic (through seminars), and application of literary criticism and theory.

Past Internships 

  • Newsroom-TV, Radio
  • Publishing House 
  • Magazine-local/national 
  • Elected Official's Office