What Is The Monthly EQ?

The Monthly EQ: Test your “Ethics Quotient”

The college experience can be very disorienting, as students inevitably find themselves in situations which challenge deeply held assumptions about themselves and the world. Many of these situations will have a specifically moral dimension; for example, a student may have to consider any of the following at some point:

• How to balance loyalty to a friend with a duty to report a violation of school policy

• Whether embellishing a resume is the same as lying

• How to report a cheating episode without being viewed as a “rat”

• Whether work obligations should take precedence over school obligations

The Monthly EQ provides students with an opportunity to address such situations and their ethical implications. The aim is to have students reflect on a situation in which they may find themselves at some point during their college career, and to explain how they think the problem is best resolved. Every month, a new case scenario is posted on the Institute website; responses will be judged by members of the Institute’s Internal Advisory Board. Winning submissions will be identified within two weeks of the closing date, and the authors will receive a $75 gift card.