History Of The Institute

Rosemont College was founded in 1921 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ).  In 2008, Rosemont adopted a five-year strategic plan grounded in its mission and which renewed its vision for growth, excellence, and practical usefulness to its students as they prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood. One consequence of the strategic planning process was the articulation of our commitment to ethical leadership, a core principle which is embedded in the culture of the College and of the Society of the Holy Child, and which derives from the thought and work of its foundress, Cornelia Connelly. A key goal outlined in the strategic plan was therefore the call to establish an institute for ethical leadership at the College.

In the summer of 2011, a generous grant from Halloran Philanthropies helped Rosemont celebrate the launch of the Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility. Alan Preti, Ph.D., was named Founding Director, and is supported by an internal advisory board consisting of members of the faculty and several college offices, and by an external advisory board consisting of community members.

The Institute’s first initiative was the convening of an “Ethics across the Curriculum” workshop in the fall of 2011, in which a core group of faculty explored ways of infusing the curriculum with new courses and course modules designed to increase awareness of ethical issues in various contexts. The efforts of this group resulted in several new and revised courses, signaling the beginning of an intentional effort to promote moral awareness, reasoned moral decision-making, and ethical engagement throughout the College community and beyond.