Graduation Requirements

Academic Obligations

  •  All 2014 degree candidates must have previously applied to graduate according to the published deadlines. Degree candidates must fulfill all academic requirements as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog and the SGPS Handbooks. Students who do not meet the academic criteria will be ineligible to participate in Commencement.
  • To verify academic eligibility, contact the Registrar's office at x2307.

Financial Obligations

  • All financial obligations to Rosemont College must be met before commencement. A student with outstanding debts will not be able to participate in the Commencement ceremony, and will not receive a diploma until the debt is settled.  
  • To verify financial status contact Student Accounts at x2243.

More Information

Registrar's Office

610.527.0200 x2307

Student Accounts

610.527.0200 x2307